Thursday, 19 April 2018


All of us have become such tech savvy that lots of our decisions,trust, opinions even happiness is directly related to what we read over the internet.

Do any of us seriously relate to it...and should  our opinions depends on it..

We have become such materialists we prefer being with phone or gazing on to our phone screens then talking to people next to us.

We don't realise relationships are built when we converse when we are physically there with a person not being with virtual means.

It's life when I become old the only person I would be with is my phone...not even my wife parents or kids.. It's the MOBILE PHONE.

Are we not able to set a priority or have these gadets taken over us ..that we are acting no less then being addicted to it. ADDICTION  could be a big term ..But it ought to be more harmful then
 we realise.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Family values in future

My first blog..

Does Any of us realise difference between  nuclear and Joint family..
How are we to differentiate. Parents and husband wife & grandchild accounts for a  joint family..
Reason being marriage..
Parents wouldn't have realised once they get their kids married they wouldn't be part of their kids family..

I am just unsure who are our family..if our parents feel incomplete without their children... Do children feel the same??

Don't know how to react on these simple family issues..Changes we as children,parents and grand parents would undergo through.

These are social values, family values or Our own values.